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This is a quick, non-paywalled post meant to give my Medium followers a heads up that I’ve started my own personal newsletter on substack. You can find the first post here. The newsletter is free to read, and free to subscribe.

Why did I create a newsletter? Mainly because I wanted to create a more personal, informal connection with my readers and followers. Medium is where I post my high-effort posts: the 20-minute long essays like my recent Catcher in the Rye post, or the Gay South Park post, or the one about the Violation of Male Bodies. Basically, everything I post behind a Medium paywall is something I’ve worked hard on and very much want to see succeed.

So with that in mind, it’s nice to have another platform where I can take it easy a little. I have a ton of minor hot takes that I think are interesting, but aren’t substantial enough to make up a 10+ minute long Medium article. In my first newsletter, for instance, I wrote briefly about a particular type of advice for doing well on Medium I tend to disagree with. I also talked about the 2016 VP debate, and wrote a little about the upcoming Saturday Night Live premiere.

(Side note: if you like SNL, you should definitely subscribe to my newsletter. It comes out out every Sunday, so there will probably always be a segment about the show included in it.)

My basic goal with the newsletter is to have a platform where you can get to know me on a personal level. You’ll see me goof off, you’ll see my hot takes on recent episodes of TV, my quick reviews of recent books I’ve read. I’ll be making jokes more often, which I can’t do as much on Medium because I want to get curated, or because I’m trying to abide by a particular publication’s guidelines.

I also know that for me, if I like a writer on a personal level, I will be more likely to check out their work, even if the subject matter of the work doesn’t interest me. For instance I’m a huge fan of Lindsay Ellis on YouTube, which means that I am now willing to sit through an hour-long video about a fanfic erotica copyright battle, even though I would never have been interested in the subject if Ellis wasn’t the one talking about it.

So, one of my hopes is that by interacting with my readers on a more personal level, we will eventually reach a point where I could write a 40-minute long article about paint drying and you’ll still be like, “oh hey Matt wrote something, better check it out.”

TL;DR: subscribe to my newsletter!

And if you have your own newsletter, share yours in the comments.

PS: follow me on Twitter too. My profile picture is currently a spooky ghost, because it’s October.

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