I'm glad The Gravel Institute is making progress, and is hopefully doing a better job persuading normal people than breadtube currently is. While there's a lot more left-wing content on YouTube these days (I've become a big fan of Contrapoints, Big Joel, Philosophy Tube, etc.) I feel like these creators aren't very good at persuading people who don't already have leftist leanings. I know contrapoints was famous at some point for "deradicalizing altrighters," but I feel like her latest video was full of too many inside jokes. There were a lot of moments where she'd articulate a leftist point in a particularly compelling, persuasive way, and I'd think "man I should show this to [conservative friend/family member], maybe it'll change their mind," and then I remember that the moment they see her in the catgirl costume they'll instantly dismiss whatever it is she has to say.

I haven't watched many Gravel Institute videos yet, but one thing I hope they do is stop with all the jokes that breadtubers do. Throw in an occasionally joke, sure, but I feel like in a lot of the jokes on viral left-wing content (including people like John Oliver, Samantha Bee), the sense of humor's usually hit or miss, and very often comes across as smug. It's the sort of thing that's satisfying to listen to if you already agree with the point the person's making, but is extremely grating if you're not on their side.

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