This is such an absurdly bitter post, idk what to make of it. Personally, when I hear that someone spent most of their life in poverty and then managed to find success through consistent hard work, I feel happy for them. I root them on.

I myself don't make anywhere nearly as much as her--this has been my best month yet and I'm just now making it past minimum wage -- but I'm honestly baffled how someone could've genuinely come to that impression off of her post. Or at least, I don't understand how someone could write something like what you've written without being motivated by self-centered bitterness. Your point about "think about all the poor people out there" is so hollow. You're upset because she's doing well and you aren't. Don't use poor people hooked up to ventilators as an excuse to meanspiritedly trash another human being.

"If someone could explain this to me as If I were a two-year-old, I’d really appreciate it.

What’s wrong with the rest of us? Are we “misstepping?” If so, how? Hold up, I think I know. Write about having a “threesome,” as Money Bags did. That story received over ten thousand claps! But, lest you think a good time was had by all, the writer said “it was awkward as F.”'

Want to know why Shannon Ashley's doing so well and you aren't? Because Shannon is open and vulnerable with readers in a way that makes people root for her. She's an underdog. She's someone who struggled her whole life and has been very open about those struggles. That makes people *like* her to the point where they'll read anything she writes, even if its about a subject they wouldn't usually be interested.

Nobody likes a whiner, though. Nobody likes someone who lashes out and insults someone for having the audacity to talk candidly about money.

EDIT: one of the reasons why people so rarely talk about money is because of how vulnerable to attacks it makes them. If you’re making too much money, you’re spoiled and ungrateful and none of your problems are “real,” but if you’re making too little money, you’re lazy and entitled. Being more open and honest about money is vital because it helps us become more aware of each other’s struggles and helps foster class consciousness. People who lash out at other people for talking publicly about their finances are only making things worse for everyone.

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